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 SMT Low ESR Polymer Cathode Tantalum Capacitor 

 Kemet, NEC & Sanyo cross reference to NIC

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3.3uF 10VDC A (3216) NTP335M10TRA   PSLA1A335M  
4.7uF 10VDC A (3216) NTP475M10TRA   PSLA1A475M  
6.8uF 6.3VDC A (3216) NTP685M6.3TRA   PSLA1A685M  
6.8uF 6.3VDC A (3216) NTP685M6.3TRA   PSLAOJ685M  
6.8uF 6.3VDC B (3528) NTP685M6.3TRB   PSLB21A685M  
10uF 4VDC A (3216) NTP106M4TRA   PSLA0G106M  
10uF 6.3VDC A (3216) NTP106M6.3TRA   PSLA0J106M  
10uF 10VDC B (3528) NTP106M10TRB   PSLB21A106M  
15uF 6.3VDC B (3528) NTP156M6.3TRB   PSLB20J156M  
15uF 10VDC C (6032) NTP156M10TRC   PSLC1A156M  
22uF 4VDC B (3528) NTP226M4TRB   PSLB20G226M  
22uF 6.3VDC B (3528) NTP226M6.3TRB   PSLB20J226M  
22uF 10VDC C (6032) NTP226M10TRC   PSLC1A226M  
33uF 10VDC C (6032) NTP336M10TRC   PSLC1A336M  
33uF 10VDC C (6032) NTP336M10TRC     10TPA33M
33uF 6.3VDC B (3528) NTP336M6.3TRB   PSLB20J336M  
47uF 10VDC C (6032) NTP476M10TRC   PSLC1A476M  
47uF 10VDC D (7343) NTP476M10TRD   PSLD1A476M  
47uF 6.3VDC B (3528) NTP476M6.3TRB   PSLB20J476M  
47uF 6.3VDC C (6032) NTP476M6.3TRC   PSLC0J476M  
47uF 6.3VDC C (6032) NTP476M6.3TRC     6TPB47M
68uF 10VDC D (7343) NTP686M10TRD T520V686M010AS    
68uF 10VDC D (7343) NTP686M10TRD   PSLD1A686M  
68uF 4VDC C (6032) NTP686M4TRC   PSLC0G686M  
68uF 6.3VDC C (6032) NTP686M6.3TRC   PSLC0J686M  
100uF 10VDC D (7343) NTP107M10TRD T520D107M010AS    
100uF 10VDC D (7343) NTP107M10TRD   PSLD1A107M  
100uF 10VDC D (7343) NTP107M10TRD     10TPA100M
100uF 10VDC D (7343) NTP107M10TRD(55) T520D107M010AS4350    
100uF 10VDC D (7343) NTP107M10TRD(55)   PSLD1A107M(55)  
100uF 10VDC D (7343) NTP107M10TRD(55)     10TPB100M
100uF 10VDC D (7343) NTP107M10TRD(55)     10TPB100ML
100uF 10VDC D (7343) NTP107M10TRD(60)   PSLD1A107M(60)  
100uF 10VDC V (7343) NTP107M10TRV     6TPC100M
150uF 6.3VDC D (7343) NTP157M6.3TRD T520D157M006AS    
150uF 6.3VDC D (7343) NTP157M6.3TRD   PSLD0J157M  
150uF 6.3VDC D (7343) NTP157M6.3TRD     6TPA150M
150uF 6.3VDC D (7343) NTP157M6.3TRD(55)   PSLS0J157M(55)  
150uF 6.3VDC D (7343) NTP157M6.3TRD(55)     6TPB150M
150uF 6.3VDC D (7343) NTP157M6.3TRD(55)     6TPB150ML
150uF 6.3VDC D (7343) NTP157M6.3TRD(60)   PSLD0J157M(60)  
150uF 6.3VDC V (7343) NTP157M6.3TRV T520V157M006AS    
150uF 6.3VDC V (7343) NTP157M6.3TRV     4TPC150M
150uF 6.3VDC V (7343) NTP157M6.3TRV     6TPC150M
150uF 10VDC D (7343) NTP157M10TRD(55) T520D157M010AS    
220uF 4VDC D (7343) NTP227M4TRD   PSLDOG227M  
220uF 4VDC D (7343) NTP227M4TRD     4TPA220M
220uF 4VDC D (7343) NTP227M4TRD(40)   PSLDOG227M(40)  
220uF 4VDC D (7343) NTP227M4TRD(40)     4TPB220M
220uF 4VDC D (7343) NTP227M4TRD(40)     4TPB220ML
220uF 4VDC D (7343) NTP227M4TRD(55)   PSLDOG227M(55)  
220uF 4VDC D (7343) NTP227M4TRD(60)   PSLDOG227M(60)  
220uF 4VDC V (7343) NTP227M4TRVD(40) T520V227M004AS    
220uF 6.3VDC D (7343) NTP227M6.3TRD   PSLD0J227M  
220uF 6.3VDC D (7343) NTP227M6.3TRD T520D227M006AS    
220uF 6.3VDC D (7343) NTP227M6.3TRD(40) T520D227M006AS4350    
220uF 6.3VDC D (7343) NTP227M6.3TRD(40)   PSLD0J227M(40)  
220uF 6.3VDC D (7343) NTP227M6.3TRD(40)     6TPB220ML
220uF 6.3VDC D (7343) NTP227M6.3TRD(55)   PSLD0J227M(55)  
330uF 4VDC D (7343) NTP337M4TRD   PSLDOG337M  
330uF 4VDC D (7343) NTP337M4TRD     2R5TPB330M
330uF 4VDC D (7343) NTP337M4TRD     2R5TPB330ML
330uF 4VDC D (7343) NTP337M4TRD(40)   PSLDOG337M(40)  
330uF 4VDC D (7343) NTP337M4TRD(40)     4TPB330ML
330uF 6.3VDC D (7343) NTP337M6.3TRD   PSLD0J337M  
330uF 6.3VDC D (7343) NTP337M6.3TRD(40) T520D337M006AS    
330uF 6.3VDC D (7343) NTP337M6.3TRD(40)   PSLD0J337M(40)  
330uF 6.3VDC D (7343) NTP337M6.3TRD(40)     6TPB330M
470uF 4VDC D (7343) NTP477M4TRD(40) T520D477M004AS    
470uF 4VDC

D (7343)

NTP477M4TRD(40)     4TPB470M   |   | 

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